A Closer Look At Different Bong Materials And Their Benefits

Smoking can be done in many ways. Despite the huge variety of options used to satisfy your cannabis or nicotine fix these days, use of bongs is undoubtedly one of the best choices you have. Just as you have can smoking using different methods, there are also various bong types each offering some unique experience. That said, this article takes a closer look at different bong materials and the pros and cons of each.



Glass bongs are highly regarded today. Glass is the most commonly used material when it comes to manufacturing bongs. This is attributed to the fact that glass produces a cleaner taste since the glass material does not interfere with the smoke in any way. With glass water pipes, it becomes a lot easier to monitor smoke build up inside the bong and it also easy to clean it. These benefits make glass bongs relatively expensive compared to similar bongs made from other materials.


Plastic materials are probably the second most popular bong materials. Plastic is the best for someone looking for an affordable bong that gives them excellent durability. Bongs made from plastic are excellent for traveling considering that is difficult for them to break or shatter, unlike glass or ceramics. The only downside with plastic bongs is that they tend to interfere slightly with the taste of smoke.


Bongs made from ceramic tend to be somewhat heavy and more robust compared to other materials. For this reason and the fact that ceramics tend to somewhat fragile, ceramic bongs are not the best for travelers. Ceramics are easily customizable, and thus bongs made from this material come in a wide variety of shapes. Ideally, ceramic bongs are perfect for use for special occasions or display reasons.


bong 12Bamboo bongs are quite famous. Bamboo bongs range from basic to elaborate designs. Bamboo bongs are known to be very durable and do not affect the flavor of smoke in any way. However, you have a responsibility of taking good care of it if you wish to use it for a long time to come.

Now that we have discussed some popular materials used to make bongs, the design of the bong has a direct impact on the taste. Carburettor bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, multi-chamber bongs, waterfall gravity, and some custom designs. Each design has its unique pros and cons. Consider trying each design and pick the one you like most.